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10 Great Bike Trails of the USA

Our Pick of the 10 Great Bike Trails of the USA.

There is an extensive variety of bike paths in the US that is suitable for all skill levels and aesthetic tastes. From traversing majestic mountains to cruising along peaceful coastlines, here are ten of the best bike trails in the USA, guaranteed to leave you breathless:

    1. Great Allegheny Passage:

  • Location: Pennsylvania & Maryland
  • Distance: 150 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Description: This historical rail-trail winds its way through rolling hills, quaint towns, and scenic river valleys. Perfect for a leisurely ride or a multi-day cycling adventure.
    1. Rails to Trails Conservancy – Katy Trail State Park:

  • Location: Missouri
  • Distance: 240 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate
  • Description: Experience the beauty of the Missouri countryside on this former rail line. The mostly flat terrain and stunning scenery make it ideal for families and casual cyclists.
    1. Gap Trail:

  • Location: Pennsylvania
  • Distance: 36 miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Description: This scenic route traverses through Amish farmlands, offering a glimpse into a unique cultural landscape. The trail also features challenging climbs and downhill sections for experienced cyclists.
    1. Missoula River Trail:

  • Location: Montana
  • Distance: 70 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Description: This paved trail follows the picturesque Missoula River, winding through forests, parks, and historical sites. Enjoy a relaxing ride surrounded by Montana’s natural beauty.
    1. Old Florida Citrus Trail:

  • Location: Florida
  • Distance: 130 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Description: IOn this largely level and picturesque route, take in Florida’s citrus plantations and historic villages. The trail is perfect for a casual ride or a family outing.
    1. Cape Cod Rail Trail:

  • Location: Massachusetts
  • Distance: 27 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Description: Explore the charming villages and stunning beaches of Cape Cod on this scenic trail. The flat terrain and beautiful coastal vistas make it a popular choice for cyclists of all ages.
    1. Virginia Capital Trail:

  • Location: Virginia
  • Distance: 52 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate
  • Description: This historic trail connects Richmond to Williamsburg, following the James River and offering a glimpse into Virginia’s rich heritage. The varied terrain caters to both casual and experienced cyclists.
    1. Mickelson Trail:

  • Location: South Dakota & North Dakota
  • Distance: 117 miles
  • Difficulty: Moderate to challenging
  • Description: Take this picturesque path to witness the Black Hills of South Dakota. The trail features rolling hills, stunning vistas, and some challenging climbs for avid cyclists.
    1. Hiawatha Trail:

  • Location: Idaho & Montana
  • Distance: 73 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy to moderate
  • Description: This mostly downhill rail-trail offers breathtaking views of the Bitterroot Mountains and the surrounding valleys. The moderate inclines and stunning scenery make it a popular choice for cyclists of all levels.
    1. Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail:

  • Location: Florida
  • Distance: 106 miles
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Description: Island hop across the Florida Keys on this unique trail, connecting islands with iconic bridges and offering stunning ocean vistas. The mostly flat terrain and tropical setting make it a perfect escape for cyclists seeking a relaxed and scenic ride.

These ten trails represent just a glimpse of the incredible cycling opportunities available throughout the United States. So, grab your bike, hit the trail, and discover the beauty of America on two wheels.


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